Academic Programs

The Department of Child and Family Studies offers bachelor (B.S), master (M.A. or M.S.) and doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in child and family studies, providing students with academic preparation and practical experience in working with children and families in a variety of settings. The programs emphasize diverse and multicultural family forms and practices.

The undergraduate program (B.S., Child and Family Studies) is designed to develop a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective on the study of children and families across the life course. Students will learn about the physical, emotional and social development of children as well as study relationships within families and between other social contexts (schools, workplace, faith communities, etc.) Within the undergraduate major in Child and Family Studies students may choose from a child development or family studies specialization.

The graduate programs in Child and Family Studies (M.A., M.S., Ph.D) are designed to provide specialization in the areas child development and family studies and prepare students to pursue careers in higher education, health and human service administration, or careers in which they will work directly with children and families. Courses and training emphasize multicultural perspectives in child and family relationships and diverse research methodologies and scholarships.