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Global Health - Certificate of Advanced Study

The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Global Health is a graduate program to provide applied skills in health policy and practice for students intending a global career. The CAS emphasizes the integration of social and behavioral determinants of health combined with practice, evidence-based strategies for developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and policies in global settings. The CAS Global is available to all graduate students at Syracuse University and can be offered in combination with any graduate degree, or pursued as a stand-alone certificate. The CAS Global Health is particularly useful in providing students in technical or terminal degrees with global health credentials that likely will help them pursue their career in a global setting.

Educational and career objectives for this program include:

  • To prepare graduate students from a wide-range of disciplines for careers involving global health.
  • To enable students to design and implement multidisciplinary fieldwork in global settings.
  • To expand adaptation of technical methodologies/strategies across disciplines to solve global health problems.
  • To provide meaningful global engagement with stakeholders to identify community needs and appropriate, sustainable strategies for improving health.
  • To create practice-based experiences in collaborative/ participatory program planning to monitor and evaluate goals through appropriate measurement.

A practicum in the CAS provides students direct field experience applying learning acquired throughout the program. All CAS Global Health students complete a practicum in a global (non-USA) setting, which includes a minimum of 120 hours of direct field experience, supplemented with pre- and post-deployment education and debriefing. Through this experience, students demonstrate and practice multidisciplinary thinking and operational planning and implementation of global health fieldwork.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit the Syracuse University Global Health Gainful Employment Disclosure page.