Aging Families in China: Social, Demographic, and Policy Considerations

November 12, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
220 Eggers Hall
Katherine Hills

Join us for Aging Families in China: Social, Demographic, and Policy Considerations on November 12 at 9:00am-5:00pm and November 13 at 9:00am-1:00pm in the Dr. Paul & Natalie Strasser Legacy Room (220 Eggers Hall).

The goal of this workshop is to bring together prominent scholars working at the intersection of China studies, family science, and gerontology to present research papers about the consequences of social and demographic change for meeting the needs of older individuals and their families in China, as well as policy responses to those changes.

Topics Include:

  • “Family Intergenerational Relationships and their Impact on Preferences for Future Care Needs among Middle-Aged and Older Adults”, Ju-Ping Lin (National Taiwan Normal University)
  • “Social Support among Older Adults with Disabilities in China”, Zheng Wu (University of Victoria)
  • “Can Elder-care Facilities be my Home? – Understanding Factors Influencing Long Term Facility Residents’ Life Satisfaction in China”, Heying Jenny Zhan (Georgia State University)
  • “Layered Environmental Contexts and Cognitive Functioning among Older Chinese Adults”, Pei-Chun Ko (National University of Singapore)
  • “A Dynamic Study of Disability and Life Expected in Living Arrangement States among Older Chinese Using Sixteen Years of Longitudinal Data”, Zachary Zimmer (Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax)
  • “Well-being & Transitions in the Later Period of the Life-course: Evidence from 4 Waves of CFPS”, Pearl Dykstra (Rotterdam University)
  • “Implications of Adult Children’s Successes and Problems for Aging Parents’ Well-being: A Comparison of One-child Families and Multiple-children Families in China”, Jeffrey Burr (University of Massachusetts Boston)
  • “Gendered Time Use and Psychological Well-being of Older Adults in Rural China”, Feinian Chen (University of Maryland)
  • “Proximity of Parents’ Death and Intergenerational Relationships in Rural China”, Zhen Cong (University of Texas, Arlington)
  • “Grandparent-Grandchild Family Capital and Depressive Symptoms of Older Adults in Rural China: A Two-Wave Cross-Lagged Panel Analysis”, Vivian Lou (University of Hong Kong)
  • “Children and Old-Age Security Capital of Older Adults in China: Evidence from the CLASS”, Shuzhuo Li (Xi’an Jiaotong University)
  • “Family Roles in Caring for Older Persons with Long-Term Care Needs in China and Thailand”, Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan (Singapore Management University)
  • Filial Piety, Rural Ageing and Social Change: A Qualitative Study of Fugian and Southern Taiwan”, Jieyu Liu (SOAS University of London)
  • “Long-term care Preferences Among Older Adults in China”, Merril Silverstein (Syracuse University)

If you plan on attending this event please RSVP by October 31st to: Katherine Hills at

This event has been organized by Merril Silverstein.

Event Sponsors include: Syracuse University, Aging Studies Institute, Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, Maxwell School of Public Policy and Citizenship, and Maxwell School of Executive Education Programs