China’s Aging Population: Implications for Families and Public Policy

Merril Silverstein (HDFS) PI
Intramural Sponsored Project – 2018-2019 SU CUSE Grant – Seminar, $10,000.

This proposal requests support to convene a workshop devoted to the topic of demographic change in China and its implications for family care and support for older adults. The goal of this workshop is to bring together prominent scholars working at the intersection of China studies, family science, gerontology, public policy, and demography to present research papers about the consequences of social and demographic change in China for meeting the needs of older individuals and their families, as well as the policy responses to those changes.

An important goal of the workshop is to create the intellectual space within which participants will engage in synergistic conversations around the topic of aging families in China to enhance future research collaborations. The workshop will provide SU graduate students and faculty exposure to leading scholars in this area. Finally, the papers presented at the workshop will be submitted for publication in an edited volume by Routledge Press.

This workshop brings together the most significant researchers from China and the U.S. to address one of the major challenges facing China today, as population aging and fertility decline go hand-in-hand to create intergenerational pressures that require a societal response.