Food Studies Fall 2020 Newsletter

News from Food Studies at Syracuse University!

Nearly 10 years since the first food studies course was offered in Falk College, extensive class offerings, growing numbers of students majoring and minoring in food studies, an expanding list of community partners, and increased research funding are just some of the many strengths that define the food studies program at Syracuse University today.

In our classrooms and teaching kitchens, as well as side-by-side in the community with our valued partners, our students gain a deep understanding of food policy and governance, gastronomy, health outcomes of food systems, human nutrition, and food access. They also hone marketable skillsets in research, data collection, and analysis, as well as food preparation and presentation. Careers for food studies alumni are as wide-ranging as the issues food studies seeks to address.

As you read more about our program’s research, scholarship, news and more from students, faculty and staff in food studies, we hope you will stay connected with us. From visiting campus, guest lecturing in a class, supervising an internship, or hiring our graduates, we welcome your involvement. Please stay informed at and join us as our first decade continues.