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As a human development and family science major at Syracuse, you might find yourself in classes such as Contemporary American Families and Communities, or Children and Families in Health Care Settings one day, and in the Bernice M. Wright Child Development Laboratory School working directly with children the next.

The scientific study of individuals and families offered through Falk College’s Department of Human Development and Family Science focuses on life-span development across cross-cultural contexts, social, physical, emotional and behavioral development, and family dynamics and research training. Our interdisciplinary programs draw from psychology, sociology and education.

Opportunities for service learning and internships are varied and extensive working with faculty and specialized internship professionals who will help you customize your courses, field work, and internships. And speaking of faculty, students have opportunities to work side-by-side on research projects that might include topics such as immigrants and cross-cultural issues, mindfulness and self-regulation in children, or aging, among many others.

Academic programs include:

Our programs prepare students to work directly with children and families in a variety of settings. At the graduate level, our students pursue careers in higher education, health and human services administration, and research institutes. Falk College’s interdisciplinary programs in human development and family science have unlimited potential to change the world. The change you want to see in the world starts with you—and it starts today.

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Human Development and Family Science prepares students with experiential learning

Falk College students in CFS 325: Children and Families in Health Care Settings study theories and practices of recreational, developmental, and educational programs for children and families in the pediatric care setting under the instruction of certified child life specialist…

Carter appointed to Onondaga County/Syracuse Commission on Human Rights

Onondaga County Executive Joanne M. Mahoney has appointed Professor Bruce Carter as a Commissioner on the Onondaga County/Syracuse Commission on Human Rights. The term runs through December 2018. The Commission promotes understanding and acceptance of diversity, facilitates intergroup communication, identifies…

Falk Ph.D. student research fills critical data need on U.S. family medical leave policies

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Falk College awarded $24,942 grant for children’s trauma intervention project

The Health Foundation for Western & Central New York recently awarded a $24,942 grant to the trauma intervention project, Maternal Child Health Spot Booster, led by Syracuse University’s Falk College Trauma-Informed Scholars in partnership with the Syracuse Trauma Response Team…

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