Enrollment, Registration & Tuition Policies


Children who reach the age of two years by December 1 of the current academic year will be eligible for acceptance into the toddler class. Children who are three years or older by December 1 of the current academic year will be eligible for acceptance into the preschool classes. Priority is given to children of Syracuse University Faculty, Staff and Students.


Applications for classes for the current year are accepted throughout the year. Applications for the following academic year, which begins in the fall, are accepted beginning in February. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required after a child is accepted and enrolled. The deposit includes a $50 registration fee, and a $50 tuition credit that will be applied to your last payment of the academic year.

The Director and the Registrar determine the enrollment in the classes. In addition to the factors mentioned above in the section on Enrollment, an attempt is made to balance classes according to age, gender, developmental ability, and primary language in order to provide the best class experience for all of the children. The date of the application is also considered. If an opening is not available for a parent’s first class choice the parent may place the child’s name on a waiting list for that class.

If, during the course of a semester, it is in the best interest of an individual child, the parents or the class, the Child Development Laboratory School reserves the right to request the withdrawal of a child. This will occur only after a conference with the teacher, the parents and the director.

Tuition Policy

For your convenience, tuition will be paid in monthly installments in accordance with our payment schedule. The total yearly tuition is divided into 8 payments, so there are full payments due even in months where the children are not in session for the whole month. The $50 tuition credit will be subtracted from the total. Personalized tuition statements will be given to each family. Tuition checks should be made payable to Syracuse University.

Students at Syracuse University receive a discount in tuition. In order to qualify for this discount, at least one parent must be enrolled for nine undergraduate credits or six graduate credits or working on a dissertation full-time.

Families who, after two written warnings, still have not paid their tuition balance will not be able to bring their child(ren) back to school until their balance has been paid.

Further delinquency will result in a letter from the Bursar’s office of Syracuse University and late fees.

After warnings 1 and 2, legal action will be taken.

Withdrawal Refund

A prorated refund of tuition shall be given to parents of a child withdrawn from the Child Development Laboratory School if written notice is presented to the Registrar or the Director two weeks in advance of the withdrawal. No refund will be given until written notice is received. The refund will be based on the following schedule each semester:

  • Week 1-3: 75% refund
  • Week 4-7: 50% refund
  • Week 8-11: 25% – refund
  • Week 12-14: no refund