The Bernice M. Wright Child Development Laboratory School’s program follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Each classroom supports the independence and individuality of the children. Teachers develop goals for each individual child and for groups of children. The school day includes a work period in which several small group and independent activities are available and children may choose between various tasks with their teacher’s guidance.

Our teachers provide a variety of appropriate and open-ended activities and experiences so children may create and experiment with their own ideas. The teachers expand on the children’s learning and experiences. Children also have many opportunities to become involved in group activities and projects, which promote cooperative effort and idea sharing.

Head teachers provide written activity plans and post them nearby so the assistant teachers and assisting parent can help carry them out. Children move about independently, selecting activities of their choice.

Experiences in the following areas are typically offered: blocks, dramatic play, sand/water, art, easel painting, library, manipulatives, writing, woodworking, math and science. The teachers encourage the children to become involved with the activities and to explore and manipulate the materials present.