Collaborating for Inclusion: The Jowonio School

The BMW Laboratory School has a long-standing commitment to integrating children with various abilities and special needs into the program, which is based on several beliefs.

Children vary widely in developmental pace and style during the early years. It is not unusual to have quite a range of developmental levels in the same early childhood classroom. Positive, personal experiences shared by children of differing backgrounds and developmental skills can be of great long-term value to all children. When these experiences occur in natural and familiar surroundings, messages of belonging and individual worth are conveyed to all the children.

The Bernice M. Wright Child Development Laboratory School’s commitment to inclusive education involves a collaborative agreement with The Jowonio School, a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work in the classrooms and contribute daily to the success of the program.

Building an appreciation for the future: Music Education Collaboration

Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development, offering an individual form of self expression and an opportunity to participate in a social event within the school setting. Early experiences with music provide the foundation upon which future music learning is built.Consequently, music is integrated into all areas of our curriculum, to provide many and varied learning experiences. Our developmentally appropriate program includes singing, moving, listening, creating, and playing instruments.

BMW has a formal collaboration with the School of Education’s Music Education Department at SyracuseUniversity that benefits SU students while providing our children with musical opportunities planned to enhance the already existing music provided in our classrooms. The music students spend time in our classrooms each week and alternate between small group activities in individual classrooms, and whole group presentations to all of the children gathered together. Activities include songs and finger plays, creative movement, and instrument demonstrations and experiences.

Several families enrolled at BMW are musicians and music educators, and assist us as well.