Parents as Partners: “Assisting Days,” Committees at BMW

Parents are required to assist in their child’s classroom, two times each semester for a class that meets two times per week or three times each semester for a class meeting three or five times per week. As a result of their participation, parents can observe their own and other children to gain exposure to a wide range of individual behaviors and attitudes and better able to understand their own children. Observing how the classroom teachers interact with the children is also beneficial. In addition, classroom teachers benefit from the knowledge and skills parents bring to the program. BMW teachers count on parents who volunteer to give their full attention to helping the children in the class. Children whose parents are assisting usually feel that this is a “special day” for them and their parents.

Upon enrolling a child in the Child Development Laboratory School, parents become members of the Parent-School Association (PSA). The PSA coordinates the involvement and contributions of the parents in the program. Parents may volunteer to serve on the Parent Advisory Board, which acts on behalf of the PSA in all Child Development Laboratory School matters. The Board consists of the executive officers and the chairs of the various committees and meets once a month. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the Child Development Laboratory School at whatever level and degree they wish. It is hoped that parents will become as involved as they can and that this involvement in their children’s educational program will continue throughout their children’s school careers.

Parents may also volunteer to serve on one of the many committees, which greatly contribute, to the smooth running of the School. These committees include hospitality, fundraising, library, and publicity. In addition, each classroom has a designated Room Parent to improve home-school communication. A list of Room Parents and their respective phone numbers will be available at the beginning of each semester.