Graduate CV Template

For Annual Review of HDFS Graduate Students

Please use the template below to create your CV for the Department of Human Development and Family Science annual review. Please Note: students do not use any departmental letterhead for this template.

Student Name
Current Vitae (month, year)
  1. Education
    1. Undergrad degree, institution, major, year
    2. Master’s degree, institution, major, year (expected)
      1. Thesis title, adviser
    3. Doctoral degree, institution, major, option, year (expected)
      1. Qualifying exam title, date passed.
      2. Oral defense of dissertation proposal, date passed
      3. Dissertation title, adviser, anticipated defense date
  2. Career goal
    1. In one or two sentences identify as specifically as you can the type of job you are hoping to get, and in what type of institution/setting.
  3. Honors and Awards
    1. Fellowships, organization granting the award, year
    2. College or National Awards, organization granting the award, year
    3. Other, year
  4. Publications
    1. Include articles that are in print, accepted, or under review. Do NOT include anything that is in preparation but not actually under review. Citations should be in complete and correct APA format. List your earliest publication first, then list in ascending temporal order.
  5. Conference Presentations
    1. List in ascending temporal order, starting with first conference presentation. Citations should be in complete and correct APA format. Do NOT include anything that has not yet been submitted, accepted, and/or presented.
  6. Research Experience
    1. List an ascending temporal order, starting with first RAship. Give titles of projects you worked on, years involved, and names of adviser/supervisor. Briefly detail your specific responsibilities for each project.
  7. Teaching Experience
    1. List in ascending temporal order, starting with first TAship. Give titles of each course that you have TA’d or taught, semester and year, ICES scores for the two main items. Briefly summarize your specific responsibilities for each course.
    2. List any teacher training workshops or other trainings. Date and location of training.
  8. Coursework
    1. Start with your first semester here and then go in ascending temporal order.List titles and numbers for all courses you have taken, or in which you are currently enrolled. Identify semester, year, instructor, and final grade. If the course involved an outside class major assignment, give the title of your paper or project.
    2. List any reading groups, intensive trainings, or other informal course work in which you have participated. Give data and instructor/organizer.
    3. Coursework to be completed
      1. List all the courses you need to take to complete your degree.
  9. Professional Service
    1. List offices held in specific organizations, give length of term.
    2. List committees on which you served, give length of term.
    3. List journals or other for which you reviewed manuscripts, give date.
    4. Other
  10. Plans for Next Year
    1. List at least one but no more than 5 specific things that you intend to improve or accomplish in the coming year.
      If you have completed your master’s degree, also do the following:
  11. Statement of Research Program
    1. Summarize your current research program in one paragraph. End the paragraph with a sentence or two describing what are your next steps.
  12. Statement of Teaching Philosophy
    1. State 3 principles that guide your teaching practice, and give specific examples of how you accomplish each is an instructor. One paragraph limit.