Student Organizations

Kappa Omicron Nu (KON)

Kappa Omicron Nu (KON) was established in 1990 but its predecessor organizations date back to the 1920’s. KON’s mission is to promote “empowered leaders through scholarship, research, and leadership.” Kappa Omicron Nu provides recognition, honor, preparation for leadership and lifelong opportunities for networking, personal growth, and professional growth through education and service.

As a KON member, you can participate in local and national activities to enhance your leadership and management skills while receiving recognition and honor for your hard work. You will also have access to KON scholarships, publication opportunities, and a lifelong network for personal development and professional growth. Kappa Omicron Nu membership identifies you as a distinguished achiever with outstanding professional potential and constitutes proof of ‘Superior Academic Achievement’ as defined by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. By accepting an invitation to membership, you join over 150,000 outstanding local, national, and international peers who look to Kappa Omicron Nu in promoting lifelong excellence and leadership for the professions of the human sciences. To accomplish this mission, Syracuse University’s chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu – Omicron Alpha Iota shall seek to:

  • promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development,
  • promote research and foster the spirit of inquiry,
  • confer distinction for high achievement,
  • promote leadership development,
  • stimulate student and faculty dialogue,
  • enrich the intellectual environment of higher education institutions,
  • encourage high standards of practice and ethical behavior, and
  • promote attitudes of professional responsibility for the public good.

Kappa Omicron Nu proudly maintains honor society certification through the Association of College Honor Societies. Please visit Kappa Omicron Nu website for additional information.

HDFS KON Advisor – Colleen Baish Cameron:


Alyssa Bethea Portrait

President: Alyssa Bethea

My name is Alyssa Bethea and I am the President of Kappa Omicron Nu. I am a senior from Carmel, California. I am majoring in HDFS with a minor in Psychology. I just took the GRE and plan on going to graduate school for School Psychology. Wish me luck! I am very excited to be your president and look forward to expanding Kappa Omicron Nu’s presence. Our board is working very hard to create some great events and I cannot wait to share their ideas with you!

Emily Rispoli Portrait

Vice President: Emily Rispoli

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Rispoli and I was elected to be Kappa Omicron Nu’s new Vice President! I am a junior from Long Island, NY with a dual major in Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies. I plan on going to graduate school after graduating from Syracuse, and hopefully scoring my dream job as a child psychologist. Next semester I will be going abroad to Florence to see where my family originated from and to have a life-changing experience. I was inducted into Kappa Omicron Nu last semester and as Vice President, I hope to bring a bigger presence of the society into Falk College. I look forward to showing everyone my ideas and our society helping Falk students better their college careers. Thank you!

Ashlyn Friedberg Portrait

Secretary: Ashlyn Friedberg

Hi! My name is Ashlyn and I am an upcoming senior in Falk. I am studying Human Development and Family Science. After I graduate, I plan on attending graduate school and then pursue my PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy.

Currently, I am the secretary of Kappa Omicron Nu. The KON board works together to think of new ways we can make our community stronger. I’m excited to get to know you all as well as hear your thoughts on what we can do to make the HDFS community closer!

Rachel Pourmoradi Portrait

Treasurer: Rachel Pourmoradi

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Pourmoradi and I am from Great Neck, New York. I am currently a Junior majoring In HDFS with a minor in Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies, and I recently became the Treasurer of our chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu. I look forward to working with our executive committee to plan new initiatives and events that are beneficial to the students in Falk College. Our general goals are to give students resources and guidance to help in career planning and create more of a community feeling among Falk students. If you would like to share any of your ideas or you have any questions, feel free to contact either myself or another one of the board members!

Nicole Blitzer Portrait

Special Event/Social Media Coordinator: Nicole Blitzer

Hello everyone! My name is Nicole Blitzer from Weston, CT with a major in HDFS and a minor in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. I am head of the Special Events Operations and in charge of all social media accounts on the KON executive board! As the special events and social media coordinator, I hope to expand our outreach on the Syracuse campus and the greater Syracuse area. I cannot wait to see what this semester and year have in store for KON!

The Human Development and Family Science Graduate Student Group

The Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) Graduate Student group is a new group with an aim to build community among the graduate students, offer support in various areas of need, plan events to enrich our experience, and give us a voice within the department. As the group continues to grow, we hope to eventually regularly offer a number support groups, events, and various communications that will keep us connected with each other, faculty and staff, and alumni. All HDFS graduate students are invited to become involved and help us create a productive and sustaining community.


Corinne Blake Portrait

President: Corinne Blake

Hi Everyone! My name is Corinne Blake and I am originally from Gardner, Massachusetts. I am a third year Ph.D. Student in Human Development and Family Science. I am very excited to serve as President during this groups first year! I look forward to fostering community and opportunity for the graduate students. I look forward to working with my fellow officers and fellow graduate students to make this a great year for the graduate department.

Qingyang Liu Portrait

Secretary: Qingyang Liu

Hi everyone! My name is Qingyang Liu and I am from Guangzhou, China. I am currently a first-year doctoral student in Human Development and Family Science. I am elected to serve as secretary of the Human Development and Family Science Graduate Student Group from 2020-2021. I look forward to working with our leadership team and department together to plan new initiatives to build our graduate student community stronger. I am excited about this fruitful and productive year!

Staceyann Reid Portrait

Faculty Liaison: Staceyann Reid –

Hi Everyone! My name is Staceyann Reid, and I am originally from Queens, N.Y. I am currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Human Development and Family Science. As Faculty Liaison, I look forward to keeping my fellow graduate students and our department connected. Our leadership team is excited to create a supportive environment for all of our graduate students.