Jessica Dadigan, ’10

Jessica Dadigan PortraitI quickly decided I wanted to pursue the field of Child Life after my introduction to it in Colleen Baish’s first Introduction to Child Life course taught at Syracuse University. Child Life Specialists focus on play and coping strategies to help pediatric patients and their families cope with hospitalization, illness and injury. With Colleen’s exceptional guidance and support, I went on to graduate school in Manhattan the semester following my graduation from Syracuse. I received my Master’s in Child Life in 2012 and began my career at the same time. I am a Senior CCLS at the only freestanding children’s hospital in the state of New York: Blythedale Children’s Hospital. I am also the Internship and Volunteer Coordinator for the Child Life program. In addition to my full-time/ daytime career, I am also a consultant for a plant-based nutrition and skincare company. I love helping people both at work and outside of work, and the idea of helping people meet their health and wellness goals was right up my alley. I have been a consultant for less than a year and am so in love with this career “addition”!

My undergraduate studies at Syracuse granted me the opportunity to learn about my field as early as I did. I am so grateful for the program to have included a course on Child Life, and to the quality professors involved in the Child and Family studies program. Along with Colleen Baish, Dr. Krishnakumar was also a vital person in helping me achieve my undergraduate goals and make plans for what was next in my journey to becoming a CCLS. I think the Child and Family studies program at Syracuse is the best place for students that know they want to work with kids, but not sure quite yet in what capacity.