Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship

Do you have an open house?
Our program does not have an open house. However, we welcome interested candidates to contact the Dietetic Internship Director ( to arrange for an individual appointment and tour.

What is your program concentration?
The internship concentration is program monitoring, evaluation, and outcomes management. Interns develop a community nutrition program using a health promotion model in our concentration course Participatory Program Planning (NSD 658).

Do you have an early application submission date?
No, the submission date follows the standard DICAS/D&D Digital dates.

Are there supplemental documents for an application to Syracuse University Dietetic Internship?
No, only the standard documents as required by DICAS/D&D Digital.

Do you pre-select any interns?
No, we do not pre-select any interns for this program.

What is your maximum enrollment into the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship?
Our maximum enrollment is twelve.

If I apply for the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship, do I have to apply separately to the Graduate School?
No, if you are matched to the Dietetic Internship you will be enrolled as a graduate student.

What can I expect after submitting my application through DICAS?
Applications are reviewed by the program director. A select number of candidates will be contacted via email and offered an interview. Not all applicants will receive an offer for an interview.