Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship

Do you have an early application submission date?
No, the submission date follows the standard DICAS/D&D Digital dates.

Are there supplemental documents for an application to Syracuse University Dietetic Internship?
No, only the standard documents as required by DICAS/D&D Digital.

Do you pre-select any interns?
No, we do not pre-select any interns for this program.

What is your maximum enrollment into the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship?
Our maximum enrollment is twelve.

If I apply for the Syracuse University Dietetic Internship, do I have to apply separately to the Graduate School?
No, if you are matched to the Dietetic Internship you will be enrolled as a graduate student.

What can I expect after submitting my application through DICAS?
Applications are reviewed by the program director. A select number of candidates will be contacted via email and offered an interview. Not all applicants will receive an offer for an interview.