Arthur Owora

Assistant Professor

Dr. Owora has expertise in biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics and mixed methods research. He has led and/or been a co-investigator on numerous CDC, NIH, DHHS, DOD, state government and private organization funded research and evaluation projects. His research interests include testing and measurement in mental health, the use of multi-level analysis and quantitative epidemiological methods in observational studies, clinical trials and economic evaluations. He is currently involved in research studying the (1) impact of misclassification error on the diagnosis of maternal depression and identification of relevant etiologic risk factors, (2) developmental origins of health and disease with a focus on childhood obesity and asthma, (3) effectiveness of developmental and behavioral interventions on maternal-child health and (4) effectiveness of interventions to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission and female controlled methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.


DrPH., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA, 2015

M.P.H., University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, USA, 2009

B.S., . Makerere University, Uganda, 2005


Mental health, maternal-child health, methods for clinical trials and health economic evaluations.

Research Focus

Dr. Owora’s research focuses on six areas:

  • Psychiatry epidemiology and psychometrics
  • Methods for monitoring and evaluation of prevention interventions (targeting violence, disease transmission and drug/alcohol abuse)
  • Statistical methods in clinical epidemiology (e.g., disease diagnosis and prognosis, applications in clinical RCTs)
  • Modeling developmental origins of disease and health (e.g., childhood asthma and obesity)
  • Sports (e.g., American football) injury and related disease epidemiology
  • Interactions between environmental design and public health

Opportunities for students exist across different phases of research including but not limited to systematic literature reviews, database development, data collection, management, and analysis to generate presentations (e.g., posters, reports, manuals) peer-reviewed manuscripts.

Statistical Expertise

Biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics and mixed methods research

Recent Publications

  • Owora AH. Diagnostic validity and clinical utility of HbA1c tests for Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Current Diabetes Reviews. 2016; In-Press
  • Owora AH, Carabin H, Reese J, Garwe T. Summary diagnostic validity of commonly used maternal major depression case-finding instruments in the United States: A meta-analysis. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2016; 205: 335-343
  • Owora AH, Carabin H, Reese J, Garwe T. Diagnostic performance of major depression case-finding instruments used among mothers of young children in the US: a systematic review. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2016; 201:185-193
  • Keast SL, Owora AH, Nancy N, Kevin F. Impact of opioid classifications and use on overall healthcare expenditures among Medicaid enrollees in Oklahoma. Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy. 2016; 22(4): 347-356
  • Owora AH, Chaffin M, Risch E, Nandyal R, Bonner B, Carabin H. Medical Surveillance and child maltreatment incidence reporting among NICU graduates. Social Work in Public Health. 2016; 31(7): 607-616
  • Ridings L, Beasley L, Bohara S, Daer J, Owora AH, Silovsky JF. (2016). Longitudinal Investigation of Depression, Intimate Partner Violence, and Supports among Vulnerable Families. Journal of Interpersonal Violence (In Press)