Tom Perreault

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Perreault is an affiliated faculty member within the Falk College Department of Nutrition and Food Studies and is the DellPlain Professor of Latin American Geography at Syracuse University and Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and the Environment, where he has also been named a Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor of Teaching Excellence. His research and teaching revolve around the relationship between people and their environments, with an emphasis on questions of social justice and political economy. In particular, his scholarship explores how rural peoples and their organizations access, manage, struggle over, and organize themselves in relation to nature and natural resources in the central Andes and western Amazon in South America.


Ph.D., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2000

MA, Geography (Minor in Botany), University of Texas at Austin, 1994

BA, Environmental, Population and Organismic Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1988


Political ecology; environmental justice; water governance; critical resource geography; mining and extractivism; rural livelihoods; agrarian political economy; indigeneity and indigenous politics; Latin America.

Recent Publications

  • Forthcoming Tom Perreault “State of nature: On the co-constitution of resources, state and nation.” In Andrew EG Jones, Natalie Koch, Christopher Lizotte, Juho Juukkonen and Sami Moisio (eds.), Changing Geographies of the State: New Spaces of Geopolitics. Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Forthcoming Tom Perreault, “Toward a critical-geographic understanding of resource nationalism.” In Matthew Himley, Gabriela Valdivia and Elizabeth Havice (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Critical Resource Geography. London: Routledge.
  • 2020 Tom Perreault, “Climate change and climate politics: Parsing the causes and effects of the drying of Lake Poopó, Bolivia.” Journal of Latin American Geography, 19(3): 26-46.
  • 2020 Astudillo Pizarro, Francisco and Tom Perreault 2020. “Medioambiente, agua y conocimiento en la coyuntura latinoamericana: La justicia social como matriz de los estudios socioambientales críticos,” Interview in A&P Continuidad, 7(12): 30-39.
  • 2020 Tom Perreault, “Bolivia’s high stakes lithium gamble,” NACLA Report on theAmericas, 52(2): 165-172.
  • 2019 Natalie Koch and Tom Perreault, “Resource Nationalism,” Progress in Human Geography, 43(4): 611-631.
  • 2018 Rutgerd Boelens, Tom Perreault, and Jeroen Vos (editors), Water Justice. Cambridge University Press.