Nutrition science at Syracuse University dates back to 1917. In our department this nationally acclaimed nutrition program is complemented by newer offerings in public health and food studies. Public health entails promoting and protecting the health of communities through disease prevention, education about healthy choices and lifestyles, and developing and supporting policies and practices to improve the health system. Our newest degree—a bachelor of science in food studies— helps students develop analytical skills and knowledge about links between the political economy of food systems and diet and health outcomes.

We are excited about the advantages for students and faculty from interactions among the three programs; and we encourage students to explore the wide variety of useful and exciting course offerings available to them in our department. Some of the educational opportunities for students include:

  • Experiential learning opportunities, including a strong network of community-based partnerships in regional, national and international settings.
  • Global opportunities to study gastronomy in Italy, drug policy in the Netherlands, health education in South Africa, health policy in Switzerland, and social policy and public health in the United Kingdom.
  • Hands-on learning in culinary labs working with professional chefs and experts in nutrition, food policy and public health.
  • One-on-one interactions with faculty experts in rights-based approaches to food and nutrition, scale-appropriate technologies to support rural development, emerging food-based social movements, vegetarianism in nutrition, integrative nutrition and food as medicine.

Our department is poised to address the increased public emphasis on healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, progressive and just food policy and diet-related disease epidemics. Please join us in these efforts.


Academic Programs in Public Health, Food Studies & Nutrition