Student Internship Posters

Public Health Seniors regularly present posters on research undertaken during internships within local and out-of-state organizations.

Poster Presentations

Last Name First Name Agency Title Presented
Sage Olivia Community Violence Research Secondary and Tertiary Trauma as a Result of Gun Violence 2015, December
Sekyere Akua SU Health Services Let’s Talk About Sex: The Effectiveness of Sexual Health Interventions among College Students” 2015, December
Stith Matthew Everson Museum of Art Art and Healing 2015, December
Wan Azada Community Violence Research Building a Casework Network for Trauma Victims 2015, December
Warshal Dalton Syracuse University Athletics Sports Conditioning and Injury Prevention in D1 Athletics 2015, December
Christopher Esmeralda Golisano Children's Hospital Safe Kids Upstate NY: Preventing Unintended Injury in Children 2015, August
Ford Taylor Southwest Community Center Food and Hygiene 2015, August
Ntahobari Charlene Slutzger International Student Center An Analysis and Proposal toward Cultural Competence 2015, August
Adeagbo Adenike SUNY Upstate Medical University The Outcome of Communication among Health Care Providers & How it Affects the Quality of Care for Cancer Patients 2015, April
Ahrens Jessica Well Trail Moving Beyond Wellness to Build Your Healthiest Work Force 2015, April
Alic Mirsada McMahon Ryan Child Advocacy Center Prevention Outreach for Educations 2015, April
Berman Hannah Crouse Hospital Recovery and Health Lifestyles 2015, April
Bierwith Cameron SU Health Services Spreading Awareness through Social Media 2015, April
Blumer Elizabeth Golisano Children's Hospital Safer Kid’s, Safer Lives 2015, April
Boadu Jr. Samuel Aids Community Resources The Disparate Trials & Tribulations that Plague LGBTQ Youth in Small Suburban Areas 2015, April
Bradley Megan YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program: A Recipe for Success 2015, April
Brown Shawn St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center An Evaluation of Prenatal Services of Syracuse’s Westside 2015, April
Bryant Timothy Southwest Community Center Syracuse Neighborhood Violence Study: Responding to Community Trauma 2015, April
Carmichael David SU Office of Sustainability Outreach Efforts in Greek Communities 2015, April
Carruthers Michelle SUNY Upstate Medical University Oral Hygiene Intervention and It’s Impact on our General Wellbeing 2015, April
Cohen Julie YWCA Outreach Education with At Risk Populations 2015, April
Cove Meredith American Cancer Society Central New York Community Health Assessment and Cancer Prevention: How are We Doing? 2015, April
Cukrowski Claudia Southwest Community Center The FACES Program – HIV Program 2015, April
Davis Destiny SU Health Services Smoke Free for a Healthier (S)U 2015, April
Decker Samantha SU Health Services It’s Condom-Sense! 2015, April
Edwards Christopher SU Residence Life South Campus APP-roriately Connected 2015, April
Escalante Nathaly Crouse Hospital Best Practices in Surgical Hysterectomy 2015, April
Fisher Samantha American Cancer Society School Based & Community Outreach for Prevention 2015, April
Fonjungo Fonette SUNY Upstate Medical University The Stem Cell Effect 2015, April
Fyfield Karise BMW Childcare Center Early Childhood Intervention for Health 2015, April
Gardner Brandee March of Dimes Born Too Soon 2015, April
Gloshinski Ellyn American Red Cross New York State of Mind: Disaster Preparedness 2015, April
Guillandeaux Ana SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital Length Stay: Trauma Cases & the Efficiency of Emergency Department Protocol(s) 2015, April
Ivanashvili Nato Crouse Hospital Substance Abuse & Mental Health Awareness 2015, April
Joyce Andrew VA Medical Center VA Behavioral Health-Helping Those Who Have Served Their Country 2015, April
Kinkead Katherine March of Dimes Preventing Premature Births 2015, April
Kugler Nicole Spanish Action League Increasing Participation in Community Embedded Services 2015, April
LeBeau Mackenzie Food Bank of CNY Community Outreach at Food Bank of CNY 2015, April
Lulu Nigisty Crouse Hospital Best Practices for Colonoscopy 2015, April
Mikell Chelsea SU Health Services It’s Condomsense! Promoting Sexual Health & Alcohol 2015, April
Moczarski Alexandra Chadwick Residence Promoting & Educating the Women of Chadwick about the Importance of Eating Healthy & Exercising 2015, April
Nguyen David YMCA At Risk Residential Population Outreach 2015, April
Okoroji Ugochukwu Southwest Community Center The FACES Program – HIV Program 2015, April
Patel Krishna Southwest Community Center Neighborhood Gun Violence: A Trauma Study 2015, April
Peck Angelica SU NIH Lead Study Program Exercise & Depression Symptoms in Children 2015, April
Philippe Zephaniah SU NIH Lead Study Program Environmental Toxicants, Stress, & Cardiovascular Risk in Children 2015, April
Price Sarah Aids Community Resources Health Navigation & Affordable Care 2015, April
Spielsinger Daniel CNY Eye & Tissue Bank Donate Life 2015, April
Tsuei Andrew YMCA Health Education with High Risk Populations 2015, April
Taffler Brooke SIT India Barriers to Cancer Detection and Treatment Among Women in Rural Maharashtra, India 2023, May