Public Health senior Ryan Patel was the focus of Syracuse University’s “Be Orange” campaign this Spring 2019. Ryan is a double major—a B.S. in public health and a biology—and a dedicated student ambassador with his sights set on medical school. As a University 100 Student Ambassador, Forever Orange Student Alumni Council (FOSAC) member, and volunteer for Syracuse’s Veterans Administration Medical Center, Crouse Hospital’s Emergency Department, Syracuse City School District’s Refugee Assistance program and Vera House, Ryan’s life at Syracuse University has been busy and full yet richly fulfilling.

Ryan mentions having a transformative Syracuse University Abroad experience in South Africa, where he took part in a public health project educating local teenagers about drug abuse. “Syracuse drew out so many of my passions and gave me outlets, creative spaces, programs and other opportunities to express them,“ he says. “It has led me down pathways I never expected.”

Ryan genuinely loves the culture he has found at Syracuse, and says it inspires him to push as hard as he can to achieve his dream of becoming an emergency room physician. “I am grateful for all the privileges and opportunities I’ve had here.”

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