Students use wearable tech to fight malnutrition

Fall Campus Students Walking
Students walking on campus

Two classes in Falk College are participating in UNICEF Kid Power this semester. Through generous donations made to the Sport and Human Development Institute, students in CFS/SPM 327 – Human Development and Sport, and in CFS 365 – Language Development in Children, are wearing UNICEF Kid Power bands, the first wearable-for-good, connecting their physical activity to social impact. The activity points earned by each student unlock lifesaving nutrition packets to children suffering from malnutrition around the world. To date, all participants in UNICEF Kid Power programs have increased their physical activity and unlocked more than 8.2 million packets of lifesaving nutrition, enough to save the lives of more than 52,000 malnourished children. By wearing their UNICEF Kid Power bands, our students are doing their part by increasing their activity, saving lives, and becoming global citizens. Watch CitrusTV News’ story.