Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Project: Connecting early self-regulation to adolescent wellbeing: This longitudinal project examines the mechanisms through which preschoolers’ self-regulation impacts positive facets of adolescent wellbeing. By analyzing multiple waves from the Fragile Families and Wellbeing dataset, our research team is analyzing pathways from self-regulatory behaviors at age 5 to positive functioning at age 15, through academic and social competence at age 9.

Inner Strength Teen Program: Drs. Rachel Razza and Dessa Bergen-Cico began evaluating the Inner Strength Teen Program, a mindfulness-based intervention, in 2015. To date, significant improvements have been found in the participants’ levels of self-compassion and self-regulation. Both of these constructs are particularly important for resiliency and well-being. This is an ongoing evaluation project so please check back later for more results! You can find more information on the Inner Strength Teen program here: 

Mindfulness through Movement Program: Dr. Rachel Razza began evaluating the Mindfulness through Movement program, a mindfulness-based yoga intervention, in 2016. Significant changes have been found in the participants’ self-compassion, self-regulation, and involuntary responses to stress.  Significant improvements have also been found in their perspective-taking skills. This evaluation is also on-going but has been paused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back later for updates! You can find more information on the Mindfulness through Movement program here: Supporting Research (