About the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University

The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics (Falk College) is dedicated to excellence in professional academic education. Falk College brings together a rich history of academic programs whose signatures of social responsibility and justice join new and evolving majors reflective of educating global citizens whose leadership changes the places and people where they live and work.

Falk College was named in recognition of generous support from Syracuse University alumni, David B. Falk ’72 and Rhonda S. Falk ’74. The college’s academic programs have strong roots in University history. The College of Nursing had existed since 1943. The School of Social Work has existed since 1946, and the College for Human Development was originally founded as the College of Agriculture in 1917. Each of these units has provided the foundation for what is known today as the Falk College, which is the alumni home for graduates of these colleges, as well as other precursors, including College of Human Services and Health Professions and College of Human Ecology. Falk College alumni also include graduates from the departments of Exercise Science; Food Studies and Nutrition; Human Development and Family Studies (formerly Child and Family Studies); Marriage and Family Therapy; Public Health; Sport Management; School of Social Work.

Falk College is committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals of all ages, their families, and their communities through scholarship, practice, civic engagement, advocacy, and entrepreneurial leadership within the framework of principles of social justice. Falk College sets very high expectations for students in the classroom. Service to others is a critical part of each student’s education in Falk College. Many attributes make Falk College unique, offering a valuable college experience, including:

  • Our programs prepare students for careers that answer society’s needs. Because of increased attention to healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, food policy, growing and aging populations, and diet-related disease epidemics, there is continued demand for graduates of Falk College programs.
  • Falk College offers advanced degrees in emerging growth fields like global health, sport venue and event management, addiction studies, nutrition, exercise science, social work, and food studies, preparing students for leadership roles with local, national and global organizations. US News and World Report recently cited marriage and family therapy as one of the top 15 jobs in healthcare today. Falk College’s marriage and family therapy program offers hands-on training at Syracuse University’s Couple and Family Therapy Center, including on-site partnership with a local hospital that provides clinical mental health training.
  • Service learning is professionally and personally rewarding for students in Falk College. Most courses embed service-learning elements to provide valuable hands-on experience while instilling the value of making a difference in the places where students ultimately live and work. Some activities students have led include: nutrition education for soldiers at Fort Drum; donation drives to collect food and clothing for the homeless, and; organizing special events that have raised thousands of dollars for community organizations.
  • Master’s-trained, professionally credentialed advisors help all Falk College undergraduate students customize course plans, fieldwork, and internships. Hands-on learning, in many cases right on campus, plus senior capstone projects, help ensure job placement.
  • Falk College believes the study abroad experience is essential. In addition to semester-long programs, the College regularly adds shorter-term immersion studies that bring students to geographies of significance related to their academic fields of study. Community-Based Participatory Approaches to Planning Health Education Programs: Classroom to Global Community and the Global Health Education Experience brings public health and exercise science students to South Africa. Students in Mediterranean Food and Culture study features and health effects of the Mediterranean Diet at the Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello Syracuse University Program in Florence, Italy. The Los Angeles immersion program for sport management students offers opportunities to meet with industry executives and tour venues and facilities. The Merken Roots of Social Work program brings students to New York City to explore sites of historical social work significance. An Exercise Science 3-week research and teaching expedition to the foot of the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest in Nepal, researches how the human body responds to high altitude.
  • Students in all Falk College academic programs have the opportunity to perform research working with faculty mentors.
  • Students benefit from Falk College’s numerous long-term relationships with national and Central New York-area agencies and businesses by gaining valuable hands-on learning through internships and field placements.
  • Members of Falk College faculty have tremendous connections in their respective fields; consequently, students benefit from these connections through internship/job placement opportunities, one-on-one career guidance, and guest lectures on campus.