Falk College Office of Student Services

Our Mission

The Office of Student Services strives to provide a caring, comfortable and confidential environment where students can discuss academic, social and/or emotional concerns. In addition, we provide advising for first-year and undeclared students and track all requirements for degree completion.

Our Approach

Our department uses a strength-based advising and counseling approach when working with students. We listen to concerns, identify your strengths and challenges and work towards positive solutions. We like to take a proactive (rather than reactive) approach to situations, both academic and personal. We prefer to see students when their concerns first arise and work on solutions before a crisis occurs or things are “too far gone” to make an impact in the semester.

General Support Services

Typical issues that students talk to us about are:

  • Concerns with classes/grades
  • Time management (fitting everything in and developing a balanced schedule for school and social)
  • Study and learning strategies
  • Learning disabilities (whether already diagnosed or suspected)
  • Relationship issues (roommates, friendships, romantic and parental)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Homesickness
  • Sexual and gender orientation issues
  • Connecting and making friends on campus
  • Lifestyle concerns (sleeping, eating, developing routines, etc.)
  • Health issues (personal and/or family)

We also collaborate with other resources on campus and may connect you to them if it would be helpful for your particular concerns.