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Tenets of our profession

Social workers share a fundamental commitment to creating social and economic justice in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Through practice that challenges oppression and increases the power and wellness of vulnerable people, we work to create a more just society.

The School of Social Work embraces the profession’s commitment to the values of human diversity and the dignity and worth of all people, with particular attention to those who are oppressed, vulnerable, or living in poverty. We view social and personal problems as resulting from complex interactions between people and the structures of society itself, and we work to address those problems at the level of public policy, community organizations, families, groups, and individuals.

Prepare to lead a growing profession

Job opportunities for social workers are expected to increase much faster than the national average, making a social work education more valuable than ever. Social work education prepares graduates to work in a wide range of professional settings, including mental health care, hospitals, schools, child welfare, substance abuse treatment, services for older adults, supportive housing, and federal, state and local government. Social workers lead not-for-profit organizations, guide service users through complex health care systems, lead labor and other community organizations, assess the strengths and needs of communities and individuals, engage in social research, serve in public office, facilitate adoption, and provide psychotherapy to individuals, families, and groups.

The School of Social Work bachelor of social work (BSSW) program prepares undergraduates to work at a generalist level across the scope of our field. And our innovative master of social work (MSW) program offers two license-eligible tracks of graduate study: Advanced Clinical Practice, for those who wish to specialize in the direct provision of services to individuals, families, and groups; and Advanced Integrated Practice, for those whose interests also encompass practice in interdisciplinary organizations, human service administration, community organizing, and public policy.

Learn in a vibrant community

Guided by our distinguished faculty of researchers, scholars, and practicing social workers, thousands of professional social workers have earned their degrees at Syracuse University and find themselves in rewarding careers today. Our academically rigorous programs, accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, require significant field placement experiences in addition to social work courses. Our outstanding Office of Field Instruction has long-standing relationships with nearly 200 human service agencies across 14 New York counties, offering a wide range of opportunities for students to train alongside experienced practitioners in real-world settings.

Social workers engage clients, organizations, and society to promote social justice, well-being, and respect for humankind. If this is the change you would like to see in the world, we invite you to join us at the School of Social Work.

Academic programs include:

Want to become a social worker? Graduates of Falk College’s School of Social Work have unlimited potential to change the world. The change you want to see in the world starts with you—and it starts today.

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