The Syracuse Sports Corporation, along with the graduate students in the Sport Venue and Event Management master’s program at Syracuse University’s Falk College, will host the 2015 Syracuse Sport Summit on Thursday, April 30 at Drumlins Country Club, 800 Nottingham Road

The event aims to spark discussion about the integration of disabled citizens, particularly wounded military veterans, into the community through the use of adaptive sports. The students in Dr. Gina Pauline’s SPM 665—Advanced Sport Event Management have spent the Spring 2015 semester to plan this event, which will determine the feasibility of Syracuse hosting an adaptive sports competition in 2017.

Prior to the event, students will share highlights of the project below.

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Student Project Notes:

About SPM 665 and the Summit

By: Jason Lublin ’15
SPM 665 Advanced Sport Event Management has focused on using our knowledge of planning events and making connections with professionals in the community to plan an event which would determine the feasibility of Syracuse hosting an adaptive sports competition in 2017.

Our typical class starts off with a guest speaker from the events or hospitality fields in the Syracuse-area or occasionally a Skype call from a professional not in the area. We then shift our focus to planning the Syracuse Sport Summit.

The class has been broken up into different groups to work on segments of planning the Summit, such as Marketing, Sponsorship, and Public Relations. Groups have met with individuals from Falk College, Syracuse’s Institute for Veteran and Military Families, Visit Syracuse, and several others.

Planning the Syracuse Sport Summit has been a great experience for all the students involved. We have had a chance to improve our abilities to work with others, working with different teams, and working with and reaching out to professionals in the field that we may have not known prior to the meeting. This class and experience planning the event will certainly benefit all of us in the long run but in the mean time, we are focused on making the Summit as successful as possible.