For Students: Three Tips for Remote Career Prep

By David Sly, Associate Director, Falk Career Services
David Sly Portrait

While our working and learning environments have changed, Falk Career Services is here to support you, from resume writing and interview preparation to professional networking and the job search. Stay connected to our office for all your career preparation needs.

In addition to the resources and services provided by Falk Career Services, here are three ways you can keep building your career skills remotely:

1. Networking on LinkedIn

Networking is as important as ever for exploring career opportunities and being a competitive applicant. Now is a great time to create or update a LinkedIn profile. Employers are having to rely more on virtual recruitment and connecting with a few of the 147,000 Syracuse University alumni on LinkedIn is a great way to keep socially involved and expand the number of places you have a “foot in the door!” Falk Career Services is here to assist with LinkedIn profile creation and digital networking. Email us at or make an appointment on Handshake.

2. Learn Tele/Remote Work Skills

While tele/remote work is new to many of us, it is a well-established employment option. Take some time to research what remote work is (and what it is not) and how you can highlight the skills that will make you an effective remote employee in the near term. Here are a few places to start:

Have questions about remote work? Email us at or make an appointment on Handshake.

3. Practice for Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews will be much more likely between now and graduation. Don’t let a real interview be the first time you see yourself on camera professionally. Big Interview is free for Syracuse students (if you sign up with your email address), offers lots of tips on interview success, and provides a platform to record yourself answering common interview questions. You can share your videos to get feedback from Career Services or someone else you trust. For help with Big Interview or to set up a mock interview, email Career Services at or make an appointment on Handshake.