For students in the Department of Child and Family Studies’ course, Sport and Human Development, a recent interactive class discussion focused on the power of sport in UNICEF’s day-to-day work with children and communities around the world. Dr. Terry MacDonald created and teaches the course, which examines the role sports play in positive and healthy youth development. During the Fall semester, she invited Caryl M. Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, and Matt Meyerson, UNICEF senior director for sport partnerships, to meet with her students. During the class, Stern focused on her interests in this area and the ways in which UNICEF uses sport as a context to provide humanitarian aid and services to those in need. She showed videos of sport ambassadors who collaborate with UNICEF programs in developing countries to bring attention to issues of poverty, public health (such as clean water, immunizations), education, and disaster relief. Throughout the semester, class assignments and projects will continue to explore topics such as parental and peer influences on children’s psychosocial development through sport, the development of life skills and values in high school sports, and sport as a vehicle for social change, among many others.