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Class of 2024 Honored with Marriage and Family Therapy Awards

Ten MFT students standing together at the JAMA Dome

The Department of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is pleased to recognize the outstanding work of its graduating students:

MFT Social Justice Award

The MFT Social Justice Award is given to a student who represents the department’s commitment to social justice. The winner is selected by Marriage and Family Therapy faculty members.

Recipient: Kirsten Mathieson

Kirsten has demonstrated her commitment to social justice in a variety of ways, including planning, marketing, and execution of the 2023 and 2024 Trans Support Days. She helped secure 20 providers, including surgeons and other gender-affirming resources, and posted flyers throughout the community.

She led the efforts to elevate and structure the Trans Team to an official Graduate School organization and is the current president. She has also prepared information and resources to facilitate a smooth transition to the incoming Trans Team. Her Trans affirmative advocacy includes organizing resistance against anti-trans hate-speech and legislation. Kirsten’s masters project focuses on updating the Syracuse University MFT readiness process and creating a guide to assist therapists in helping clients make informed choices about their procedures.

Class Marshal

Recipient: Halley Ann Stringham

Halley is an online program student who has impressed the Marriage and Family Therapy Department with her cumulative GPA, commitment to the program, and dedication to systemic clinical practice. She has shown excellence in her academics, demonstrated an ability to navigate complex therapeutic issues, and served as a supportive peer and colleague.