Assessing Pyrethroid Exposure and Risk of Cardiovascular and Neurocognitive Disease in a Sample of Syracuse Children

David Larsen (PH) PI, Brooks Gump (PH) co-I, and Kestutis Bendinskas (SUNY Oswego) co-I
2020-2021 CUSE Grant – Innovative & Interdisciplinary Research, $21,000

Pyrethroids are the most commonly used insecticides in the world today. Exposure above the level of detection is common, and the potential health impacts of pyrethroid exposure are severe. We will utilize funding from the CUSE Grant to test 300 urine samples from the Environmental Exposures and Child Health Outcomes (EECHO) for pyrethroid metabolites. We will then examine associations between pyrethroid exposure and measures of cardiovascular disease risk and neurocognitive development. Study results will provide valuable information as to the safety of pyrethroid insecticides.