Piloting a SARS2 Early Warning Wastewater Surveillance Platform

David Larsen (PH) PI, Brittany Kmush (PH) co-I, Pramod Varshney (ENG/CASE) co-I, Teng Zeng (ENG) co-I, and Chilukuri Mohan (ENG) co-I
Extramural Sponsored Project – Arcadis of New York / NYS Department of Environmental Conservation / NYS Department of Health, 7/1/20-12/31/20

In response to the coronavirus, Syracuse University researchers have teamed with SUNY ESF, SUNY Upstate, and industry partners to pilot a statewide wastewater surveillance platform for New York state. This project will examine the usefulness of wastewater surveillance as an early warning of increasing coronavirus transmission and establish wastewater sampling standards for the state of New York.