The Falk College is pleased to announce that its students representing 21 courses, student organizations, field placements/internships and community efforts, and their faculty-staff advisors, will be recognized with 2013 Chancellor’s Awards for Public Engagement and Scholarship (CAPES) during a special recognition ceremony on April 24.

Three Falk College students who have invested themselves in and continue to contribute to the public good received individual CAPES honors, including: Amber Lingenfelter, a senior hospitality management with minors in entrepreneurship and policy administration. Her class and volunteer activities have benefited the Syracuse community, including the North Side Learning Center and the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program, among others. Jesse Paez, a second-year graduate student in the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy, has engaged in many advocacy trainings offered at SU including the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) training, and Allies training focused on how to foster relationships with those considered allies for the LGBTQ community. Senior child and family studies major, Nicole Rosenberg, has worked at camps for children with special needs and dedicated herself to the development and implementation of a peer-mentoring and advising program in the Department of Child and Family Studies.

Over the years, many students indicated the desire to honor special faculty, staff or community partners who have been motivating to them as they made their way into the community. This year, the 2013 Inspiration Award has been created and will be presented to Colleen Baish Cameron, internship coordinator, Department of Child and Family Studies and Kimberly E. Johnson, instructor, Department of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition.

The Falk College received several honors in the category of Legacy Award for Academic Achievement for meaningful and sustained engagement that advances Scholarship in Action. Students enrolled in the Department of Child and Family Studies’ internship courses (CFS 433, 493, and 494) received Chancellor’s Awards for their service to the community. CFS internships place seniors in social service agencies, schools, and early childhood education facilities throughout Central New York. As a part of the Falk College’s close collaborative working relationship with the School of Education, EDU 303—Teaching & Learning in Inclusive Schooling was also recognized for student and faculty efforts.

Chancellor’s awards were presented to the Department of Public Health, Food Studies and Nutrition for: HPM 418—Hospitality Management Capstone; HTW 307—Culturally Competent Healthcare; HTW 227—Healthy You; HTW 304—Public Health: Healthy Monday at School and HTW 304—Public Health: Quit and Stay Quit; HTW 311—Health Literacy and the Genesis Health Project Network; NSD 481/681—Medical Nutrition Therapy; NSD 511—Nutrition Education; NSD 513—Nutrition Education Experience: Orange Wrap, and; NSD