Food studies learning assistant returns as suite chef at 2015 Master Golf Tournament

Food studies learning assistant and Syracuse University graduate student, Cody Allen Dedischew, was the suite chef for the UPS and Rolex suites during the 2015 Master Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. In his senior year of college at Johnson and Wales University, he had the opportunity to go with a group of students to work the Master. He had to interview with the Augusta National HR staff and chef. He was chosen to work as a cook that first year.

By the end of the tournament that year, he was asked to return as a sous chef and has continued to work the Tournament every year since. This year (2015), as last, he worked as the suite Chef for the UPS and Rolex suites. In total, he is responsible for $100 million worth of accounts. According to Dedischew, “one of the best quotes I have heard is from one of the founders of the Master, Clifford Roberts who said ‘everything about the Master has to be the best, and if it’s not we will continue to improve it every year until it is.’ And it is a motto that is alive and well today. There is a high expectation on every aspect of this sporting event, as it is the hardest ticket in sports to get. I truly love my work at the Master. It is a great experience to work alongside the very best in the industry, and learn from master of their respective trades.”