Information for new alumni!

Congratulations Graduates! You did it

And in the process, you made us all very proud. A number of people have asked a variety of questions, and I thought the answers might be helpful to the entire group so please, take the time to read it through!

I contributed to the Class Act campaign but didn’t get my copy of the DVD at convocation.
THANK YOU for your contributions. If you would, please forward Kate Veley, your mailing address and she will forward your DVD to you.

I meant to make a contribution to Class Act and never got around to it. Can I still do so? Will I still get a copy of the convocation DVD?
Yes you can, and yes you most certainly will. The website will remain open until June 30 – Give Now! Once you’ve made your donation, please provide Kate Veley with your home address and we will get your DVD out immediately. Falk College is four donations away from leading the University, so don’t wait!

Will my email account be dropped?
Not likely. Your email should be active indefinitely. That said, we’re guessing you won’t want to represent yourself as a college student to the working world, so please, when you get a new email, share that info with us so we don’t lose touch.

How do I get a copy of the photos taken at convocation?
You should shortly, if you haven’t already, be receiving an email that will allow you to order photos accordingly.

Share Your Photos!
We’d love to post some of the photos YOU took over graduation weekend on our website. Please feel free to share your favorites with Kate Veley, and we’ll get them up on our Alumni Facebook page over the next month or so. Keep watching as we’ll rotate them through if we get a large amount.

Stay In Touch!
Your names will now all be moved from the FALK Senior Listserv to the Falk alumni listserv. We are working hard to keep you engaged; to share helpful information; connect you with alums and to give you the means by which to stay in touch with each other, your departments, the college and the University as we all have so much to benefit from in doing so. But, we’re only as good as the information we have, so please, when you move, get a job, change your phone or email address, drop Kate Veley, a quick note.You will be seeing a number of new initiatives in the coming months (including the further development of the sites listed below), and we welcome your input and your involvement. We have a remarkable alumni base that can be a huge asset to each of you moving forward, and your involvement will help to ensure that we’re doing the very best that we can on your behalf.

Thank You! 2013 Falk Grads, you made us very proud! We’re proud of your accomplishments during your time at SU. We’re proud of how you’ve represented yourselves and your college across the campus, the community and out into the world. We’re so very proud of how you conducted yourself at both your convocation and at commencement. And the Morales family was incredibly touched by your heartfelt and overwhelming acknowledgement of their son Jason when his brother and his son crossed the stage to accept his diploma.

So now – keep it up! Go and make us even prouder. Share your good news and your photos with us, and please stay in touch. You will always be part of the Falk College family and we’ll be celebrating right along with you as you go out and make your mark on this world.

Much success and happiness as you set off on this, your newest path!