Majoring in social work, child and family studies, or other human services programs? Study Abroad Spring 2016 in Strasbourg

Falk College’s School of Social Work and SUAbroad are offering a new opportunity in Strasbourg, France for SU undergraduates and students at other colleges and universities. The 16-credit hour Strasbourg Spring 2016 Semester allows for enrollment in five courses and includes a brief optional internship opportunity abroad. In addition to bringing students face-to-face with human service delivery in other nations and enhancing cross-cultural understanding and competencies, program highlights include:

Strasbourg is a beautiful and charming city, smaller than Paris and very manageable. The program itinerary includes Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne during the semester. Students will visit major cities and historical sites, meeting government leaders, educators, and activists. Located in a city with several major European institutions and in the center of Western Europe, this program offers special learning opportunities for students in the city and regionally.

Strasbourg offers unique learning and internship opportunities because the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the European Court of Human Rights are located in close proximity to the SUAbroad campus. Students will benefit from on-going collaborative partnerships between the School of Social Work and French, German and Swiss institutions of higher education in social work and social pedagogy, a field of study in Europe focused on children and families.

Courses meet requirements in social work and child and family studies, address liberal arts and sciences requirements, and offer collaborative courses with the French social work and social pedagogy programs.

Please note: While applications for this program will be available later in the spring, students interested in this and other study abroad programs should work with their advisors during registration to manage their schedules to make a semester abroad possible.