Doctoral Program Educational Outcomes

The Syracuse University Marriage and Family Therapy Program (SUMFT) resides as a freestanding department within the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, and as part of the larger Syracuse University community. With a mission of promoting learning through teaching, research, scholarship, creative accomplishment and service, Syracuse University is driven by its vision of preparing engaged citizens, scholars, and leaders for participation in a changing global society. This vision advocates for a commitment toward creative activity and research that address emerging opportunities and societal needs.

Since 2007, twenty-five doctoral students have graduated from the doctoral program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Syracuse University. The following highlights from the doctoral program cycle of assessment, and related evaluation processes, reflect the manner in which our mission to prepare clinical scholars who will advance theory, research, supervision, and/or teaching in the field of marriage and family therapy has been achieved.

Masters Program Educational Outcomes

The educational outcomes (including program, faculty, and student learning outcomes) for Syracuse University Marriage and Family Therapy Program (SUMFT) master’s degree are based on professional marriage and family therapy principles, including the AAMFT Core Competencies and the AAMFT Code of Ethics. These outcomes emphasize our focus on clinical competence, scholarship, and an obligation to awareness and integration of diversity. The following flowchart shows the connection between Syracuse University’s mission statement, the SUMFT program’s mission statement, and our educational outcomes.

Syracuse University’s Mission

To promote learning through teaching, research, scholarship, creative accomplishment and service.

MFT Mission Statement

To educate and train clinicians, scholars and researchers in the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.

SU MFT Program Outcomes

  1. Student Achievement: Students will successfully complete the SUMFT program requirements and graduate
  2. Alumni Achievement: Graduated students will be successful in pursuing either a career in Marriage and Family Therapy or doctoral education
  3. Commitment to Diversity:  The SU MFT program will show clear commitment to diversity through curriculum content and student composition

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate awareness and regulation of self in system including engagement with cultural and contextual differences
  2. Students will demonstrate MFT clinical competency skills across a variety of contexts
  3. Students will demonstrate an applied knowledge of MFT legal and ethical guidelines and professional standards
  4. Students will demonstrate an applied knowledge of MFT historical and current theoretical information

Faculty Outcomes

  1. Faculty will meet Syracuse University expectations for research, teaching, scholarship, and service
  2. Faculty will demonstrate teaching and supervisory effectiveness
  3. Faculty will demonstrate professional and community contribution
  4. Faculty will contribute to engaging awareness of and sensitivity to diversity and multicultural issues