Meet Max Levitt, SPM ‘11, executive director of Leveling the Playing Field

Three years ago, Sport Management graduate Max Levitt ’11 founded a nonprofit called Leveling the Playing Field, whose mission is to improve the opportunity for low-income families to get involved in youth sports through the donation of used/excess sporting equipment.

While a student at SU, Levitt spent three seasons as an equipment manager with the Syracuse University football program, and said he inspired to research how to get used sporting equipment into the hands of underprivileged children and low-income families.

“Every day, I communicate with various sources of donated sporting equipment from collegiate athletic departments, youth sports leagues, and families,” Levitt said. “I continuously work within the community to expose our equipment program within undeserved communities to drive demand for donations. Every week we donate thousands of dollars worth of equipment to Title I Schools, Recreation Centers, youth/after-school programs, and neighborhood sports teams. Through funding from local foundations, and businesses, including the Washington Nationals, USTA, US Soccer Foundation and numerous other sports organizations, we will have donated more than $1 million worth of product by the end of 2015.”

Currently a nonprofit in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area, Levitt said he is expecting to begin opening multiple locations across the county by the end of 2016.
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