Falk College Welcomes New Academic Department Chairs 2021-22

As preparations continue for the start of the 2021-22 academic year, Falk College welcomes two new academic department chairs.

  • Dyane Watson, Chair, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

Dyane Watson, Professor of Practice, began her service as Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy in July 2021. Her areas of research include the adult couple relationship, the influence of marginalization and oppression on couple and family relationships, therapeutic outcomes for children and families, mental health training and service delivery for veterans and military families, and training program evaluation for mental health professionals.

Falk College thanks Thom deLara, Professor of Practice, who served in this role since 2007. During his time as Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy, he oversaw the expansion of the department and reengineered the curriculum to specifically meet the needs of children, and of those suffering from trauma across the life cycle. In addition, under his direction the department committed itself to educating students, and mental health practitioners, about trauma-informed care as an integral part of evidenced-based clinical practice. In recent years, his curriculum priorities included the development of a nationally recognized clinical program for educating and training mental health providers to work with veterans and military families and the development and implementation of Falk College’s online Marriage and Family Therapy M.A. degree program.

  • Lynn Brann, Chair, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies

Lynn Brann, Associate Professor, will begin her service as Chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies in January 2022. Her research interests include the examination of dietary intake and diet quality of children and adolescents related to growth, development, and health, as well as mindful eating to improve self-regulation in children. She is involved in a research collaboration with a colleague in Public Health examining the environmental toxicants, race, and cardiovascular disease risk in children.

Falk College thanks Rick Welsh, Falk Family Endowed Professor, who has served in this role since 2014 and will conclude his service in December 2021. During his time as Chair, food studies, nutrition science and dietetics programs experienced growth and continuation of excellence in research and internships, as well as a range of study abroad experiences. Food studies curriculum development maintained the program’s focus on social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental dimensions of the global food system. Nutrition curriculum elevated nutrition’s integral connections to public health, medicine, and policy. Under Welsh’s leadership, the two programs have continued to develop and strengthen interdisciplinary research and practice and prepare students to meet emerging trends in both professional fields.

Falk College department chairs continuing their service this year are:

  • Keith DeRuisseau, Chair, Department of Exercise Science
  • Eunjoo Jung, Chair, Department of Human Development and Family Science
  • Lutchmie Narine, Chair, Department of Public Health
  • Carrie Smith, Chair, School of Social Work
  • Michael Veley, Chair, Department of Sport Management

For more information about Falk College academic programs, please visit Falk.syr.edu.