Dessa Bergen-Cico


Dessa Bergen-Cico is a Professor in the Department of Public Health, Coordinator of the Addiction Studies program and faculty in the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program at Syracuse University. She holds a Research Appointment at the Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center and Fellow of the American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders. Professor Bergen-Cico is a Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS), Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher. She completed her MBSR Teacher Training through the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dessa has been selected for two Fulbright Scholar and was selected as a Rotary Peace Fellow in the International Rotary Peace Program at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.


Ph.D. Community Health, Syracuse University

M.S. Health and Exercise Science, Syracuse University

B.F.A. College of Visual and Performing Arts / B.S. School of Education, Syracuse University


Professor Bergen-Cico’s work focuses on: alcohol, other drugs, and addictive behaviors; traumatic stress, the use of mindfulness-based practices for prevention and recovery from trauma and addictions, and complementary health practices. She is the author of more than 40 scholarly publications, including the book “War and Drugs: The Role of Military Conflict in the Development of Substance Abuse.”

Research Projects

Examining Changes in the Stress Response, Cognition and Neural Networks in Response to Mindfulness Interventions Using Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)

This research focuses on identifying the mechanisms of change in neural networks and physiological (biometric) measures that occur as a result of participating in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs. This study aims to identify neural networks associated with traumatic stress and to measure neural responsiveness to change following MBSR. More specifically this research uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) in conjunction with psychometric measures to triangulate mechanisms of change pertinent to trauma and stress.

Nature Inspired Scenes for Guided Mindfulness Training: Presence, Perceived Restorativeness and Meditation Depth

The research focuses on the development and testing of a virtual reality (VR) meditation interface to support mindfulness meditation practice. The aims of this research are to test whether VR simulation of an outdoor natural space has a restorative effect on attention; and the mediating effects of the sense of presence participants’ feel. This study uses functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), heart rate and galvanic skin response (GSR) to measure the neurophysiological relaxation response.

Mindfulness-Based Meditation for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress

This is research being conducted with the Syracuse VA’s Center for Integrative Health to study the efficacy of brief mindfulness programs led by VA clinicians and veteran peers on posttraumatic stress (PTSD). This study builds on Professor Bergen-Cico’s previous research with the VA CIH to examine the psychological and physiological benefits of integrating mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) into primary care for Veterans with PTSD. To date this research has found that even brief (4-week) mindfulness-based programs reduce cortisol output, depression and PTSD symptoms.

Trauma Resiliency in Urban Environments

Professor Bergen-Cico’s work and research in this area seek to interrupt the transmission of intergenerational trauma and support community members in cultivating resiliency and wellbeing. One current project is the Trauma Resiliency in Urban Environments (TRUE) program which implements and evaluates trauma informed mindfulness-based program for women affected with histories of trauma and substance use disorders. This work focuses on meeting the needs of “hot spots” and census blocks with high rates of violence in the city of Syracuse and has been supported in part by the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York.

Therapeutic Benefits of Dogs for Veterans with Traumatic Stress

Since 2014 a team of Falk College faculty and students, under the leadership of Professor Dessa Bergen-Cico, have worked with Clear Path for Veterans to conduct evaluative research of the psychological and physical health benefits of companion dogs through Clear Path’s dog owner trainer program for veterans.

Mindfulness-Based Programs in Schools Mindfulness, Complementary Health

We have been conducting research on the benefits of integrating mindfulness and yoga into public schools. To date our research has found that mindfulness and yoga significantly increase self-regulation among pre-schoolers, middle school and high school students. Self-regulation is an important factor in psychological and physical well-being in addition to supporting academic achievement. Our research findings support the integration of mindfulness-based practices and programs as public health strategies to promote health across the lifespan.

Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Practices for College Students

Research has found mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to be associated with improved mental health and quality of life. To better understand the operant effects of meditation on mental health, this research examines the effects of MBSR practice on psychological health and quality of life. Quality of life is measured by more than the absence of illness or decrease in anxiety and stress, it is also measured by flourishing, well-being, facets of mindfulness and self-compassion. The project is led by Professor Dessa Bergen-Cico.

Recent Publications

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