D. Bruce Carter

M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Carter is a facilitator for the Community Wide Dialogues on Race and Racism and a facilitator for the CARE Dialogue Program at Syracuse University. He is a former Director of the Honors Program at Syracuse University (1996-2001), a past president of the Northeastern Regional Honors Council, a former member of the National Collegiate Honors Council Executive Committee, and an NCHC recommended site visitor for honors programs and colleges. Dr. Carter is also a certified RATE (Regent’s Accreditation of Teacher Education) evaluator for the State of New York. He currently serves as Chair of the Agenda Committee of the Syracuse University Senate.


Ph.D. Psychology, University of Virginia (1980) Psychology (1980)


Adolescents, child development, early childhood education, ethnicity, gender, parenting.


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