Dennis Deninger

Professor of Practice

Dennis Deninger is an Emmy-award winning television production executive and educator who has produced live sports television from six continents and across the USA.

He is a professor of practice at Syracuse University, where he was named Falk College Faculty Member of the Year for Excellence in Teaching in 2014. He was the founding director of the sports communications graduate program at the Newhouse School of Public Communications and has created several new graduate and undergraduate level courses at Syracuse, his alma mater.

Deninger is the author of Sports on Television: The How and Why Behind What You See, published by Routledge Taylor and Francis of New York and London. He spent 25 years at ESPN leading production teams for studio programming, live remote events and digital video platforms.

He has won Emmy Awards for innovation in sports television, production on digital platforms, and educational television. He developed for American television the digital instant review technology called “Shot Spot,” which is now in use at virtually all major tennis tournaments.

Deninger launched ESPN’s coverage of Wimbledon and the French Open, and was the executive in charge of production for World Cup 1994, a dozen Australian Opens, Friday Night Fights, Triple Crown horse racing, PBA bowling and a multitude of other live events.

Deninger joined ESPN in October 1982 as the first Coordinating Producer for SportsCenter and held that position until 1986. That was the year he created the Scholastic Sports America series, which continued for 15 years on ESPN. During the course of his career at ESPN, Deninger launched more than a dozen televised series and events including the National Spelling Bee and Major League Soccer. He also created the most successful daily sports video series in the history of the Internet, SportsCenter Right Now, which was originally entitled SportsCenter Minute.

He has written and directed three documentaries working with his students at Syracuse University as researchers. In 2013, America’s First Sport premiered, and it has now been seen across the U.S. on the ESPNU network. The film explores the history, culture and rapid expansion of lacrosse in the US and around the world. In 2014, Changing Sports, Changing Lives was released. The film focuses on the sports that have been adapted for persons with disabilities, and how it has impacted their lives. In 2016, he produced Sport For Life, a multimedia symposium examining the positive benefits of sports and exercise for senior citizens.  Also, in the Spring 2015 semester, Falk College and its Department of Sport Management hosted “Sport and the Pursuit of Healthiness,” a multimedia symposium on how public health concerns are affecting sports participation and what is being done to make sports safer. Deninger took the lead role in that symposium.


Sports television and media; The Super Bowl and event production; sport communications by teams, leagues and organizers; sports documentaries


SPM 199 - Super Bowl & Society

SPM 325 - Sport Communication

SPM 346 - Sport in American Society

SPM 490 - Independent Study: History of Sport