Tristan Martin

Assistant Teaching Professor

Tristan Martin joined the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics in Fall 2022 as an assistant teaching professor. Prior, he was an adjunct instructor both in the Marriage and Family Therapy and Human Development and Family Science departments at Syracuse University.

Dr. Martin’s scholarly interest centers around transgender sexuality with multiple national conferences and contributed publications to the field of family therapy on transgender issues. He was a recipient of the Summer Dissertation Fellowship at Syracuse University for his dissertation “Transgender Congruence and Sexual Satisfaction in Trans Masculine Adults: The Role of Affirmative Sexual Partners.”

Dr. Martin is an AASECT certified sex therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Clinically from an affirmative and sex-positive foundation he works with LGBTQ, kink, and CNM communities, specifically, providing support for transgender clients, navigating social and medical gender transition.


Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Syracuse University

CAS in Sex Therapy, University of Wisconsin-Stout

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, Mercer University


Transgender sexuality


HFS 388 Human Sexuality

MFT 567 Sexual Issues for Helping Professional

MFT 688 Relationship Therapy with LGBTQ Clients

Recent Publications

  • Coolhart, D. & Martin, T.K. (2022). Gender affirmative therapy with trans and gender expansive (TGE) youth and families: Listening to youth and thoughtfully following their lead. Handbook of LGBTQ-Affirmative Couple and Family Therapy
  • Martin, T. K., Coolhart, D, Coppola, J., Paterson, J. (2021) Working with Trans Clients and Their Families. Family Therapy Magazine, 20, 2.
  • Martin, T. K. (2020). Transgender congruence and sexual satisfaction in trans masculine adults: The role of affirmative sexual partners. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global.
  • Martin, T.K. & Coolhart, D. (2019). “Because your dysphoria gets in the way of you… it affects everything.” The mental, physical, and relational aspects of navigating body dysphoria and sex for trans masculine people. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 1-18