Lutchmie Narine


Professor Lutchmie Narine is a Professor in Falk College’s Department of Public Health. He has implemented international health projects and conducted research in a variety of countries including Canada, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and Ukraine.


Ph.D., Department of Community Health, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M.S., Department of Community Health University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

B.S., Department of Anthropology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Social determinants of health and intimate partner violence in a global context, health care management and policy, pharmaceutical drug utilization and effectiveness, research methodology and quality of evidence, and health care use and emerging technologies.

Research Projects

Professor Narine’s current research focuses on risk taking behaviors among emerging adults, health care practice variations using administrative data, use of technologies to address health problems, and assessment of research evidence.

Risk Taking Behaviors of Caribbean Youth:

Examines ecological, cultural, and protective factors that are determinants of risk-taking behaviors among emerging adults in Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, and Suriname. Initial data collection done through questionnaire survey followed by focus group discussions to qualitatively describe and analyze emerging adults’ experiences with risk taking. Analysis of survey data will examine the relationships between contextual risk and protective factors and risk-taking behaviors using moderation and mediation models.

Recent Publications

  • Zhang, X., Krishnakumar, A., & Narine, L. (2020). Family economic hardship and child outcomes: Test of family stress model in the Chinese context. Journal of Family Psychology, 34(8), 960.
  • Larsen, D., Kmush, B., Asiago-Reddy, E., Dinero, R. E., Church, R. L., Khan, S., ... & Narine, L. (2020). An analysis of policy decisions to combat SARS-CoV-2 transmission: comparing the available evidence and policies of public face masking to social distancing (No. gnk5a). Center for Open Science.
  • Krishnakumar, A., Zhang, X., & Narine, L. (2019, November). Sociodemographic Factors and Social Exclusion as Correlates of Multimorbid Health Typologies among Chinese Older Adults. In APHA's 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo (Nov. 2-Nov. 6). American Public Health Association.
  • Dranitsaris, G., De Angelis, C., Warr, D., & Narine, L. (2018). Pharmacoeconomic analysis of prophylactic treatments for emesis secondary to breast cancer chemotherapy. The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 48(5).
  • Krishnakumar, A., Narine, L., Roopnarine, J. L., & Logie, C. (2018). Sociodemographic, psychosocial and physical health correlates of common mental disorder symptoms among mothers in Trinidad and Tobago: Examining ethnic variations. International journal of psychology, 53(4), 304-312.
  • Krishnakumar, A., Conroy, N., & Narine, L. (2018). Correlates of sex-specific young adult college student dating violence typologies: A latent class analysis approach. Psychology of violence, 8(2), 151.