Fei Pei

Assistant Professor

Fei Pei joined the School of Social Work as a tenure-track assistant professor of social work in fall 2021 and is teaching Social Welfare Policy and Services. Prior to joining Syracuse University, Fei was a Ph.D. candidate at the Ohio State University College of Social Work where she also served as a graduate instructor and research assistant, teaching research methods, lifespan development, and social welfare. The overarching goal of Fei’s research is to promote healthy development among vulnerable children, including maltreated and immigrant youths by identifying neighborhood disparities. In particular, her research focuses on community health and child development. She published over 20 peer-reviewed papers in rigorous academic journals including Child Abuse & Neglect, Children and Youth Services Review, Family & Community Health, Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Trauma, Violence & Abuse. Fei was trained in all aspects of grant-funded and investigator-initiated research projects, ranging from university-funded projects to federal-funded studies (e.g., NIH funded and UNICEF funded projects). Her research has been acknowledged and funded by various institutions and scholarships such as the 2021 Merriss Cornell Distinguished Researcher Award, 2019 Kempe Interdisciplinary Summer Research Institute, 2018 International Peace Scholarship, Seed Funding for 2016 Clinton Global Initiative University, and 2015 New Brunswick Chancellor’s Scholarship. Fei actively participated in professional and community services. She was a volunteered social worker for the local agency, Asian American Community Services in Columbus, OH and the president of the College of Social Work’s Doctoral Student Organization. She also serves as an ad hoc peer reviewer for multiple academic journals.


Ph.D., College of Social Work, Ohio State University, 2021. Graduate Minor:Applied Statistics

M.S.W., Rutgers University- New Brunswick, 2016.

LL.B., B.S., Shanghai University and East China Normal University, 2014.


Child Development & Family Wellbeing among Vulnerable Children, Neighborhood/Community Disparities, Children Maltreatment & Resilience, Maternal Health, Immigrant Children, Kinship Care, Data Science

Statistical Expertise

Qualitative Skills: Semi-Structured Interview, Focus Group, Case Study, Observations, Thematic Analysis, Usability Testing Quantitative Skills: t-test, ANOVA, Regressions, Logistic Regression, Casual Inference, Nonparametric Analysis, Factor Analysis & Structural Equation Models, Multilevel Analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Longitudinal Models

Recent Publications

  • Wang, Y., Zhai, F., Pei, F., &Gao, Q. (2020) Parental Stress and Children's School Performance: Are Locals Doing Better Than Rural-to-Urban Migrants in Beijing? Child & Family Social Work. https://doi.org/10.1111/cfs.12815
  • McCarthy, K. S., Yoon, S., & Pei, F. (2021). Developmental Differential Impact of Child Maltreatment: The Practitioner's Perspective. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 38(3), 309-324.
  • Beaujolais, B., Wang, X., Shockley McCarthy, K., Dillard, R. L., Pei, F., & Yoon, S. (2021). Caregiver influences on resilience development among children with maltreatment experience: practitioner perspectives. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 38, 295-308.
  • Yoon, S., Cage, J., Pei, F., & Barnhart, S. (2021). Risk and resilience factors for psychobehavioral symptom trajectories among child welfare–involved youth. Journal of interpersonal violence, 36(9-10), NP5281-NP5303.
  • Dillard, R., Beaujolais, B., Yoon, S., Wang, X., McCarthy, K. S., & Pei, F. (2021). Factors that inhibit and promote resilience following childhood maltreatment: A qualitative exploration of practitioner perspectives. Children and youth services review, 122, 105895.
  • Yoon, D., Yoon, S., Pei, F., & Ploss, A. (2021). The roles of child maltreatment types and peer relationships on behavior problems in early adolescence. Child Abuse & Neglect, 112, 104921.
  • Yixuan Wang, Fuhua Zhai, Qin Gao & Fei Pei (2020) Cultural orientations and parental distress among Chinese immigrants in the United States: the mediating role of parent–child acculturation conflict, Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development, DOI: 10.1080/02185385.2020.1845229
  • Yoon, S., Dillard, R., Pei, F., McCarthy, K. S., Beaujolais, B., Wang, X., ... & Cochey, S. (2020). Defining resilience in maltreated children from the practitioners’ perspectives: A qualitative study. Child abuse & neglect, 106, 104516.
  • Pei, F., Wang, Y., Wu, Q., McCarthy, K. S., & Wu, S. (2020). The roles of neighborhood social cohesion, peer substance use, and adolescent depression in adolescent substance use. Children and youth services review, 112, 104931.
  • Pei, F., Wang, Y., Zhai, F., & Gao, Q. (2020). Neighborhood disorganization and child-rearing beliefs toward physical punishment among Asian American parents: The mediation role of parenting stress. Family & community health, 43(2), 170-181.
  • Yoon, S., Shi, Y., Yoon, D., Pei, F., Schoppe-Sullivan, S., & Snyder, S. M. (2020). Child maltreatment, fathers, and adolescent alcohol and marijuana use trajectories. Substance use & misuse, 55(5), 721-733.