Professor Ken Corvo Receives FHL Foundation Grant to Advance Domestic Violence Research

Additional research project on intimate partner violence with University of Granada to be funded by government of Spain

School of social work associate professor, Dr. Ken Corvo, has received a three-year, $50,000 grant from the Frederick H. Leonhardt (FHL) Foundation. This latest grant from the FHL Foundation follows Dr. Corvo’s decade-long professional collaboration with Frederick Leonhardt, foundation president and a former therapist.

The grant award supports Dr. Corvo’s research and writing in the area of theory development in domestic violence and includes the development of academic articles on domestic violence theory and the presentation of conference papers, as well as a possible book over the next two years. The first paper, “Neurotransmitter and Neurochemical Factors in Domestic Violence Perpetration: Implications for Theory Development,” was completed this summer.

Corvo recently received an invitation from a team of psychologists at the University of Granada to participate as co-investigator in a research project award made by the Spanish government for the study, “Neuropsychological and brain functioning in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) perpetrators.”

Dr. Corvo’s areas of academic and research specialization include family and youth violence, theory development, organizational development and leadership, and organizational issues in social work education. His on-going work in theory development provides a scientific framework for policy and practice in social work, criminal justice, and other human service responses to domestic violence.