Public Health Student Accepted to CDC Summer Internship Program

Loretta Odro sits at her desk working at her internship siteLoretta Odro ’11, Public Health, was accepted to the IMHOTEP summer internship program. The program is highly selective, training minority public health students. It is a collaborative effort between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Morehouse College. The eleven-week internship increases the knowledge and skill of juniors, seniors and recent college graduates in public health. Students begin the internship with two weeks of intense educational training, preparing for a nine-week public health research assignment. Interns conduct research with experts at various governmental agencies, including the CDC, the National Institute of Medical Research in Tanzania, East Africa, the National Center for Chronic Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion, and the National Center for Health Statistics. Odro is looking forward to the experience. She believes it will assist with making her a “more well-rounded public health professional with personal and community/public experiences related to public health” in addition, she believes that the “experience will make me able and well equipped to help educate various populations in a community and save precious lives.” After graduation, Odro plans to pursue a degree in geriatric medicine. She hopes to become a public health educator working with the World Health Organization or the United Nations in developing countries.