For Students: Five Ways to Stay Connected to Your Academic, Personal Support Teams

By Brooke Tyszka, Academic Counselor, Falk Student Services

Brooke Tyszka
Brooke Tyszka

Taking classes from home might feel overwhelming, but even though you are not on campus, your support teams are still available and fully dedicated to helping you! Here are my top five recommendations for staying connected to your academic and personal supports while you are home:

1. The Center for Learning and Student Success

You can access academic tutoring from home! The Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) is still offering academic tutoring in online formats. You can select group tutoring for certain classes or individual tutoring. Academic coaching for first- and second-year students is also available to those that sign up by March 27. More information on how to access services from CLASS can be found on the CLASS website.

2. The Writing Center

Creating cohesive and well-thought out writing assignments is more important than ever; the Writing Center is available help. You can sign up for appointments, attach a copy of your draft and expect to hear back from a consultant by your scheduled appointment time.

3. The Office of Disability Services

Students in need of accommodations can still do so through the Office of Disability Services. To ensure continuity of services or if you want to discuss a new accommodation needed for the switch to online format, you can connect with the Office of Disability Services.

4. University Email and Blackboard

Make sure that you are checking your email and Blackboard pages regularly. Things are changing rapidly and we will be communicating these changes with you through your email. Set aside at least one designated time a day to check your email and read through each one thoroughly. Also make sure to check those Blackboard pages regularly to stay on top of your work.

5. Ask for Help

Have questions? Ask someone! Falk College wants to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible for you. If you have a question and you can’t find the answer, make sure to ask your academic advisor, professor or Student Services office.