Thinking about pursuing a student research opportunity?

Falk College recognizes that there are many benefits for undergraduate as well as graduate students involved in research. Research experience allows students to better understand published works, balance collaborative and individual effort, grow interest in graduate studies and influence career trajectories.

In addition to undergraduate opportunities, there are many graduate student researchers who are actively seeking scientific advancement across all disciplines in the college. Development of research opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students is paramount as is the recognition of these talented students.

The Falk Research Center can assist you in finding more information about how you can participate in research with Falk faculty. As an undergraduate in the Falk College, you will have opportunities to work with researchers, professors, graduate students and other undergraduates exploring a variety of fields and approaches in the each of the Falk disciplines.

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Syracuse University Young Research Fellows Program *

* for first and second year undergraduate students, research funding of up to $4,000 over two years

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