On April 10, the School of Social Work held its Phi Alpha Honor Society, Zeta Gamma Chapter, induction ceremony at Hendricks Chapel. Thirteen undergraduate and 11 graduate social work students joined Phi Alpha this academic year. Dr. Karen Kirkhart, professor of social work, was the keynote speaker. Breanna Turner, Phi Alpha, Zeta Gamma Chapter president led the ceremonies. Awards were presented by Bette Brown Thoreck, director, Baccalaureate social work program. The concept of a National Social Work Honor Society came from a group of undergraduates at Michigan State University. In November, 1960, a National honor Society Committee was formed and in 1961 the society came into being. The Syracuse University Zeta Gamma Chapter was founded in 1996 as part of the School of Social work’s 40th Year Anniversary Celebration.

This year’s inductees comprised the eighteenth group of students to be elected as members of Zeta Gamma Chapter. The charge and purposes of the Phi Alpha Honor Society are:

To recognize and encourage scholastic achievement among the students who are majoring in social work.
To improve and further the goals and objectives of social work by encouraging objectivity and awareness of current developments and practices in the various fields of social work.
To improve and further the goals and objectives of social work by stimulating research in preparation for a career in social work.
Inductees Include:

Courtney Dupre
Bryan Asher
Jillian Elbaum
Anna Bender
Brian Gee
Richard Chapman
Leah King
Monica Concors
Daniel Lang
Katherine Goldberg
Tykia Leary
Alexandra Jardin
Jessica Levy
Katie Kietzmann
Meghan O’Mara
Ashley King
Jessica Reuveni
Audrey Lawrence
Natalie Shae
Sophia Palmer
Susan Smith
Tess Walsh
Charlotte Visser
Elizabeth Williams

View ceremony photo gallery (courtesy of Professor Alejandro Garcia)