Dear Falk Students,

Happy New Year! I hope the semester break afforded some time for you to rest and relax after a long and challenging fall semester. The Falk faculty and staff and I are glad to have you back and are here to support you. With that in mind, here are some important reminders as you begin the Spring 2021 semester.

Public Health

I want to first remind you that Syracuse University and Falk College have worked diligently to ensure your Syracuse experience is both exceptional and safe. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to respect and protect each other. We expect you to fully adhere to the Stay Safe Pledge at all times. The Stay Safe website is the official source of information about Syracuse University’s plans and important health and safety precautions for the Spring 2021. This page is updated frequently, so please check back regularly.

Student Services, Career Services

Falk College Student Services is your support system. Student Services counselors are here to provide you with private academic advising and help you meet your requirements and goals. In addition, they are your resource for private social and emotional support. If you have any concerns throughout your academic career, please contact Student Services at 315.443.3144 or make an appointment with your academic counselor via Orange SUccess. Their physical office has relocated to Falk 330 in the Barclay wing of Falk Complex.

I encourage you to connect with the staff at Falk College Career Services, who can help you prepare for life after college through career exploration, internship and job searching, professional networking, and more. You can meet with them by making an appointment through Handshake, the University’s job search and professional events portal. You can also find career resources and job/internship opportunities directly through Handshake. Their physical office has relocated to Falk 330 in the Barclay wing of Falk Complex.

Get Involved

Visit the Office of Student Activities to connect with the student organizations at Syracuse University. You can connect to spiritual life on campus at Hendricks Chapel, as well as health and counseling services through the Barnes Center at the Arch. Discover activities and events on campus by visiting the University’s community calendar.

I invite you—and urge you—to join in the important work that’s being done to make our campus, community, and world a better, stronger, more just place. Students can get involved on campus in a number of ways, but a great place to start is by getting involved in the Falk College Dean’s Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and exploring the wider campus initiatives, offices, and services on diversity and inclusion.

University Communications

Syracuse University email is the primary communication method at the University. Your professors and University offices will contact you with important information using your Syracuse University email address (ending in “”), not your personal email address. So, it is essential to read your University email at least once every day. For more information, refer to guidance from Information Technology Services (ITS).

Please visit the University’s listing of resources for current students to enrich your Syracuse University experience. Be well, and let’s make this Spring 2021 semester an excellent one.

Go Orange!

Diane Lyden Murphy, M.A., M.S.W., Ph.D.
Falk College