Study Abroad with the Falk College Summer 2014

Openings are still available for several Falk College study abroad programs this summer. Offerings include:

HTW 400/600—Comparative Health Policy
May 24-June 14, 2014

This six-credit undergraduate and graduate course will use a variety of modalities for students to learn about comparative health policies. Students will visit Geneva, Amsterdam, and Morocco to fully immerse themselves in settings that take different policy approaches to health problems. Taught by Dr. Lutchmie Narine, students will have the opportunity to visit important health care institutions (e.g., the World Health Organization in Geneva) and participate in discussions with health care leaders in each country which will provide first hand insight into health policy making process. Against this stimulating background, assignments and class-wide discussions will be undertaken for course topics that focus directly on different approaches to the delivery of health care and extending beyond to the social and demographic factors that shape the making and implementation of health policies across nations.

HTW 412/HTW 612—Drug Policy in Global Perspective
May 13 –May 27, 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, Drug Policy in Global Perspective (HTW 412/HTW 612) is being offered through Public Health and Addiction Studies. This is an unprecedented time of debate and change in US and international drug policy. Operating from Amsterdam, as the primary study location, this course exposes participants to effective harm reduction and pragmatic public health strategies that address alcohol, other drugs, and addictive behavior from a human rights perspective. Students will examine decriminalized drug policies of the Netherlands and learn about drug policies from around the world while attending the 2014 International Society for the Study of Drug Policy Conference in Rome, Italy. Taught by Dr. Dessa Bergen-Cico, the course is three credits and runs for two weeks.

SPM 300—Australia: Sport, History and Culture
July 9-30, 2014

Syracuse University students are invited to go down under on an Australian Odyssey to explore the sport culture of Australia, including a wide range of spectator and participatory sports. SPM 300—Australia: Sport, History and Culture, which departs from Los Angeles, takes place July 9-30, 2014. The course is taught by Falk Endowed Professor of Sport Management, Rick Burton.

Students will visit four major Australian areas including Melbourne, Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and Surfers Paradise while being exposed to Australia’s rich and diverse sports culture first hand. This trip annually includes an Australian Rules football game (AFL) at the 100,000-seat Melbourne Cricket Ground (the famed MCG), a Rugby League game in Sydney at Stadium Australia (site of the 2000 Summer Olympics) as well as snorkeling/scuba excursions on the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest explorations, surfing and beach cricket.

Outside of coursework, students explore Australia’s wildlife, learn about Australia’s Aboriginal people who have been on Australia for an estimated 60,000 years, and take in a unique history and perspectives. Australia’s use of participatory sport has made it one of the healthiest countries in the world. Consequently, while students familiarize themselves with Australia’s sport, history, culture and way of life through site visits and class experiences, they will tie this knowledge into other Falk College’s courses they may have taken in sport management, health, wellness, nutrition and the family. Application deadline is February 20.

SPM 400–Olympic Odyssey
May 12-30, 2014

For students, their Olympic Odyssey begins in London, where they’ll examine the impact of the 2012 Summer Games. Next is Paris, the birthplace of the modern Olympic movement, and Lausanne, the present-day “Olympic Capital” that has been home to the International Olympic Committee since 1945. Students’ then visit the ancient city of Athens, host of the first modern Olympics and the 2004 Summer Games. Along the way students meet with Olympic development committees to understand international sports from a strategic sport management perspective. The course is taught by sport management faculty member, Patrick Ryan.